Recently Invited Lectures

DING WEN 'NIC' BAO  PhD (c), MArch, BArch

18.06 2022      Public Lecture  | Topology Optimisation + Robotic Additive Manufacturing

                         DigitalFutures Young Scholar Symposium - Session 1 Advanced Fabrication & Robotics                      

                         Hosted by Tongji University & DigitalFutures Organisation

01.04 2022      Public Lecture  | Printing Future

                         International Symposium on Material Engagement and Additive Manufacturing                     

                         Speakers: Professor Weiguo Xu (Tsinghua), Professor Philip Yuan (Tongji), Nic Bao (RMIT)

                                           A/Professor Roland Snooks (RMIT), Professor Benjamin Dillenburger (ETH)

                                           A/Professor Gilles Retsin (UCL), Professor Yamei Zhang (SEU), A/Professor Hao Hua (SEU)

                                           Dr. Kostas Grigoriadis (UCL), A/Professor Brenda Parker (UCL), Vasiliki Panagiotidou (UCL)

                         Hosted by Southeast University (SEU) & ETH Zurich

01.04 2022      Public Lecture & Panelists | Innovative Future of Digital Fabrication 数字化建造的创新未来

                         Industrialized Construction Youth Architecture Forum  建筑工业化论坛                       

                         Industrialized Construction Magazine | Youth Architecture 建筑工业化杂志 | 青年建筑

                         Guests: Lisa Iwamoto, Philip Yuan, Li Guoqiang, Li Daode, Nic Bao, John Zheng

05.03 2022      Public Lecture | Topology Optimisation in Architecture

                         Computational Design: NEXT 8.0 International online conference                       

                         Parametric Architecture (PA) | The world's best and most well-known platform for parametric & computational design enthusiasts.

20.12 2021      Public Lecture | Intelligent Tectonics

                         Advanced Debate on Theory, History and Methodology of Digital Architecture, Master Program                         

                         College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

04.12 2021      Public Lecture | Tectonic Complexity - Design-led Research

                         Strong Structures - International Lecture Series “强结构” 系列国际学术讲座

                         POSITION + ETH Zurich DARCH + HIT Shenzhen  有方、哈工大、苏黎世理工大学联合出品

09.10 2021      Public Lecture | DesignX - Frontier of Computational Design and Intelligent Fabrication                        

                         2021 Academic Forum on Architecture Computational Design 设计未来

                         School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shenzhen University

23.09 2021      Guest Lecture | Advanced Architectural Design Studio, Master Program                        

                         School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

01.09 2021      Guest Lecture | Architectural Research: Design Processes, Master Program                        

                         School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, The University of Queensland

31.08 2021      Visiting Architects & Experts (VA&E) Program | Lecture & Workshop
                         School of Architecture & Built Environment, The University of Newcastle

14.08 2021      Speaker & Panel Discussion | New Tectonics - Hybrid Fabrication Workshops Talk

                         DigitalFutures Series Lectures & Tongji University

10.08 2021      Jury of Terra x Terra Pavilion Design Competition
                         Futurly & UNI.XYZ (World's largest pool of Architecture Competition)


29.07 2021      Public Lecture & Talk | AI, Data and Generative Design in the AEC
                         8th Computational AEC Public Talk Event, hosted by Aurecon, Melbourne

21.07 2021      Guest Lecture | Experimental Cities – CITYX CHINA
                         17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Pavilion Lectures, moderated by Tom Kovac


26.06 2021      Visiting Professor Lecture | Data-driven Additive Morphologies, Parametric Design & Optimization, Master Program 
                         Corso Di Laurea Magistrale In Ingegneria Edile Architettura, Universita Di Pisa


17.06 2021      Guest Lecture | Computational Design Program Lectures, Bachelor Program 
                         School of Built Environment, University of New South Wales (UNSW)

22.05 2021      Public Lecture | Responsive Urban Modelling Using Game Development Software
                         Smart Cities Research Institute, Swinburne University of Technology & North China University of Technology

10.05 2021      Guest Lecture | Advanced Computational Design - Master Program
                         Melbourne School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne


08.05 2021      Moderator | Light Structures - DigitalFutures.World Talk
                         DigitalFutures Association & Tongji University


28.03 2021      Public Lecture | Material Intelligence - Theory of the Digital Intelligence, Doctor of Design Program
                         FIU Department of Architecture, Florida International University (FIU)


04.12 2020      Visiting Lecturer | Architecture for Society of Knowledge (ASK),  Master Program
                         Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology


09.11 2020      Visiting Lecturer | Advanced Debate on Theory, History and Methodology of Digital Architecture, Master Program
                         College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University