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Recently Invited Lectures



16.11 2023      Guest Lecture  | Intelligent Tectonics: Performance-Driven Generative Design and Intelligent Construction

                         Introduction to Future Architecture and Technology

                         School of Future Architectural Technology, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture

20.10 2023      Guest Lecture  | Intelligent Tectonics: Performance-Driven Generative Design and Intelligent Construction

                         The Future Design Summit

                         School of Digital Media and Design Arts, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

11.10 2023      Guest Lecture  | Intelligent Tectonics: Performance-Driven Generative Architectural Design and Advanced Manufacturing

                         青交建筑论坛 建筑学院

                         School of Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

17.07 2023      Guest Lecture  | Intelligent Tectonics: Performance-Driven Generative Design and Robotic Fabrication for Sustainable Architecture 

                         Low-carbon Building and Cities

                         Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

27.06 2023      Guest Lecture | Performance-Driven Generative Design and Robotic Fabrication 

                         Architectural Robotics Symposium, DigitalFUTURES 2023

                         Tongji University, Shanghai, China

01.06 2023      Guest Lecture  | Intelligent Tectonics: Performance-Driven Generative Design and Robotic Fabrication in AEC Industry and its Impact on Stakeholders 

                         School of Built Environment Research Seminar

                         College of Sciences, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand

25.05 2023      Invited Lecture  | The Era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the AEC industry 

                         MBA Lecture Series, Antai College of Economics and Management

                         SJTU-BOC Institute of Technology & Finance

                         Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China

19.05 2023      Guest Lecture & Panel Discussion | Artificial Intelligence and Design Culture   

                         Melbourne Design Week 2023, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)

                         The Paccar Theatre at Science Gallery, The University of Melbourne, Australia             


20.03 2023      Keynote Lecture  | Structural Performance-Driven Generative Design and Large-Scale Robotic 3D Printing Fabrication 

                         Exploring New Innovations in 3D Printing & Manufacturing Technologie

                         International Conference on 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing, Dubai UAE


02.12 2022      Guest Lecture  | BESO Topology Optimisation Architectural Design and 3D Printing Application 

                         National Conference on Architectural Digital Technologies in Education and Research 

                         Digital Architecture Design Association (DADA) 2022 Colloquium

                         全国建筑院系 建筑数字技术教学与研究学术研讨会 & DADA 2022数字建筑学术研讨会

                         Hosted by Xiamen University

20.11 2022      Guest Lecture  | Digital Space & Intelligent Fabrication Forum

                         The Future Laboratory Lecture Series

                         Hosted by Tsinghua University

23.10 2022      Guest Lecture  | Forming Complexity

                         Academic Lecture in the School of Materials Science and Engineering

                         Hosted by Southeast University

19.09 2022      Guest Lecture  | Intelligent Tectonics

                         Emerging Research in Digital Architecture

                         Hosted by North China University of Technology

17.09 2022      Jury of EUREKA International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2022                  


16.09 2022      Guest Lecture  | Topology Optimisation & 3D Printing in Architectural Engineering

                         OENG1204 Creative Engineering CAD 2022   

                         Hosted by School of Engineering, STEM College, RMIT University

24.06 2022      Public Lecture  | Geneative Design and Topology Optimisation in Architecture

                         Topology Optimisation and 3D Metal Printing in Architecture Symposium  

                         Speakers: Nic Bao (RMIT Architecture)

                                           Vishu Bhooshan (Zaha Hadid Architects)

                                           Professor Michael Herrmann and Stathis Damtsas (University of Lubeck)

                                           Dr Marina Konstantatou (Foster and Partners)

                                           Alex Nieto Jimenez (Meltio)

                                           Dr Kostas Grigoriadis (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL)

                                           Dr Pinelopi Kyvelou (Imperial College)

                                           James Kingman (AKT II)

                                        Jackson Jewett (MIT)

                                        Panagiotis Michalatos (Cornell School of Architecture)

                         Hosted by The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

18.06 2022      Public Lecture  | Topology Optimisation + Robotic Additive Manufacturing

                         DigitalFutures Young Scholar Symposium - Session 1 Advanced Fabrication & Robotics                      

                         Hosted by Tongji University & DigitalFutures Organisation

01.04 2022      Public Lecture  | Printing Future

                         International Symposium on Material Engagement and Additive Manufacturing                     

                         Speakers: Professor Weiguo Xu (Tsinghua), Professor Philip Yuan (Tongji), Nic Bao (RMIT)

                                           A/Professor Roland Snooks (RMIT), Professor Benjamin Dillenburger (ETH)

                                           A/Professor Gilles Retsin (UCL), Professor Yamei Zhang (SEU), A/Professor Hao Hua (SEU)

                                           Dr. Kostas Grigoriadis (UCL), A/Professor Brenda Parker (UCL), Vasiliki Panagiotidou (UCL)

                         Hosted by Southeast University (SEU) & ETH Zurich

01.04 2022      Public Lecture & Panelists | Innovative Future of Digital Fabrication 数字化建造的创新未来

                         Industrialized Construction Youth Architecture Forum  建筑工业化论坛                       

                         Industrialized Construction Magazine | Youth Architecture 建筑工业化杂志 | 青年建筑

                         Guests: Lisa Iwamoto, Philip Yuan, Li Guoqiang, Li Daode, Nic Bao, John Zheng

05.03 2022      Public Lecture | Topology Optimisation in Architecture

                         Computational Design: NEXT 8.0 International online conference                       

                         Parametric Architecture (PA) | The world's best and most well-known platform for parametric & computational design enthusiasts.

20.12 2021      Public Lecture | Intelligent Tectonics

                         Advanced Debate on Theory, History and Methodology of Digital Architecture, Master Program                         

                         College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

04.12 2021      Public Lecture | Tectonic Complexity - Design-led Research

                         Strong Structures - International Lecture Series “强结构” 系列国际学术讲座

                         POSITION + ETH Zurich DARCH + HIT Shenzhen  有方、哈工大、苏黎世理工大学联合出品

09.10 2021      Public Lecture | DesignX - Frontier of Computational Design and Intelligent Fabrication                        

                         2021 Academic Forum on Architecture Computational Design 设计未来

                         School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Shenzhen University

23.09 2021      Guest Lecture | Advanced Architectural Design Studio, Master Program                        

                         School of Architecture, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

01.09 2021      Guest Lecture | Architectural Research: Design Processes, Master Program                        

                         School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, The University of Queensland

31.08 2021      Visiting Architects & Experts (VA&E) Program | Lecture & Workshop
                         School of Architecture & Built Environment, The University of Newcastle

14.08 2021      Speaker & Panel Discussion | New Tectonics - Hybrid Fabrication Workshops Talk

                         DigitalFutures Series Lectures & Tongji University

10.08 2021      Jury of Terra x Terra Pavilion Design Competition
                         Futurly & UNI.XYZ (World's largest pool of Architecture Competition)


29.07 2021      Public Lecture & Talk | AI, Data and Generative Design in the AEC
                         8th Computational AEC Public Talk Event, hosted by Aurecon, Melbourne

21.07 2021      Guest Lecture | Experimental Cities – CITYX CHINA
                         17th Venice Architecture Biennale Italian Pavilion Lectures, moderated by Tom Kovac


26.06 2021      Visiting Professor Lecture | Data-driven Additive Morphologies, Parametric Design & Optimization, Master Program 
                         Corso Di Laurea Magistrale In Ingegneria Edile Architettura, Universita Di Pisa


17.06 2021      Guest Lecture | Computational Design Program Lectures, Bachelor Program 
                         School of Built Environment, University of New South Wales (UNSW)

22.05 2021      Public Lecture | Responsive Urban Modelling Using Game Development Software
                         Smart Cities Research Institute, Swinburne University of Technology & North China University of Technology

10.05 2021      Guest Lecture | Advanced Computational Design - Master Program
                         Melbourne School of Design, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne


08.05 2021      Moderator | Light Structures - DigitalFutures.World Talk
                         DigitalFutures Association & Tongji University


28.03 2021      Public Lecture | Material Intelligence - Theory of the Digital Intelligence, Doctor of Design Program
                         FIU Department of Architecture, Florida International University (FIU)


04.12 2020      Visiting Lecturer | Architecture for Society of Knowledge (ASK),  Master Program
                         Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology


09.11 2020      Visiting Lecturer | Advanced Debate on Theory, History and Methodology of Digital Architecture, Master Program
                         College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University


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