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Word forms: Bau(e)s genitive , Bauten plural [-tn]

(= Gebäude) building; (= Bauwerk) construction

BDW. Architects was founded in 2014, formerly known as STUDIO NIC BAO. BDW.A is a multidisciplinary design firm delivering architecture, interior design, urban design, parametric design and digital fabrication services across Australia and Asia. We concentrated on delivering good designs of buildings and environments that improve the quality of life. At the same time, we are seeking to uncover new architectural methodologies and thoughts, pushing the possibilities of theories & realities as well as exploring internal & external implications of digital fabrication through novel programmatic concepts, to new generative design and innovative fabrication techniques.

Our Work

Futian New School Campus, Fuzhou (Competition) collaborated with MCR Architects + SPAN

Cuiwan Culture and Art Centre, Zhongshan (Competition) collaborated with LAB Architecture + CE-ST

Eco-Landscape Bridge, Dongguan (Competition) collaborated with CX Landscape

Columns of Babel Pavilion, Melbourne (Competition) collaborated with VSDO Architects + CX Landscape

X-Form Pavilion, Shanghai (Exhibition)

Jing Hang Footbridge, Suzhou (Competition) collaborated with RMIT CISM + Ameba Technologies

Tree Pavilion, Xi'an (Competition)

Mintaro House, Melbourne (Under construction)

Hao Asian Shop, Carnegie Shopping Centre, Melbourne (Under construction)

Aroma Studio Cafe, Melbourne (Built)

OMB Cafe, Melbourne (Built)

Reservoir Central Shopping Mall Redevelopment, Melbourne (Built)

Swanston Yi Fang Fruit Tea Shop, Melbourne (Built)

Sharman Court House, Melbourne (Built)

Babo Tea Shop, Melbourne (Built)

Anthony Ave House, Melbourne (Built)



Office: Level 19, 357 Collins Street, Melbourne, Australia

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