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2022 - Grand Prix Du Design Paris - Gold Award (Best of Cultural Building)
The Grand Prix du Design Paris known as the GPDP Award enjoys a high status in the global industrial design field. With the diversified integration and development of the international design industry, the French Design Institute has established the GPDP Award (Grand Prix Design Paris) for the global architectural design, interior design, and product design fields. It aims to recognize the most innovative and creative world-famous designers, well-known design institutions, and product vendors in architectural design, interior design, product design, and other fields that meet the international 5E design standards.

2021 - MUSE Design Awards - Silver Winner (Interior Design)
The MUSE Design Awards is an international competition for designers whose craftsmanship shift paradigms.

2021 - Eureka Award for Acceleration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
EUREKA International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2021

2021 - Young CAADRIA Award
The Association for Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia 2021

2020 - RMIT HDR Engineering Publication and Impact Prize
Civil and Infrastructure Engineering discipline HDR Publication and Impact Prize.It is awarded to an HDR student based on the quality and quantity of Scopus-indexed papers published or research impact in their discipline.

2020 - 1st Prize 3D Printing and Design International Competition
The 5th International 3D Printing and Design Competition in Xi'an China 2020

2020 - DigitalFUTURES Coding Award
Ameba team has been selected to receive the award for the most influential digital tool of the year organised by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

2019 - RMIT Postgraduate Research Excellence Award
Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials, RMIT University

2019 - 1st Prize Structure Optimisation & Additive Manufacturing National Competition
The 3rd National Aerospace Structure Optimisation and Additive Manufacturing Competition in Beijing China 2019

2013 - Melbourne Global Scholarship 
Melbourne Design School, The University of Melbourne

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